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Who Has To Pay For Daycare After A Divorce?

Divorce changes many family dynamics across the board. Caring for the children and parenting becomes much more difficult, particularly if one spouse was not previously working and must now return to the workforce.

Child care is a significant expense, even for married families with dual incomes. One of the first questions many people have about child custody is how child care or daycare will be covered after the divorce.

Here are some things you need to know:ces.

  • Child support is meant to ensure that the child has a comfortable standard of living following the divorce and is not negatively impacted by the split.
  • Child support amounts do not typically factor in the cost of daycare.
  • Some courts, however, may require that both parents contribute to the cost of daycare.

If the court does not provide this instruction, is important for parents to come to an agreement on how the cost of daycare will be divided between them. Make sure that you know before the divorce is finalized how much your spouse intends to contribute to the cost of daycare. If your spouse has no intention of chipping in for daycare, make sure that your attorney is prepared to advocate on your behalf to the judge and work to get you assistance for that expense.

Ultimately, it is in your child's best interests for this expense to be addressed and resolved up front.

At Ellis Law Firm, we are committed to achieving divorce decrees that protect the future of our clients and the best interests of their children. We are experienced in making sure that these expenses and others are fully covered by the divorce decree.

To discuss your current situation and how it could be affected by divorce, as well as the options we can provide, please contact our law office.

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