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Marriage Advice 1

My job is ending marriges, but I would prefer to save marriages.  I am not a marriage counselor, and yet I will offer my advice because I see so much that ends marriages.  I will post these "insights" frequently.  

Each person in a marriage has boundaries.  Boundaries differ from person to person.  I will define boundaries as non-negotiable issues in a relationship.  A relationship is always a compromise.  Each party must give up something, and each party must accept what the other spouse has set as acceptable limits.

Boundaries can be comprised of many things. These boundaries may be financial (probably the issue I see the most), they may involve children and discipline of children, they may involve household chores, and they may be sexual.

If your partner sets out specific boundaries that he or she finds to be non-negotiable, you need to either accept and respect these boundaries, or end the relationship.  A consistent refusal to respect boundaries has NO positive outcome.  If your spouse's boundaries are inconsistent with your needs, then your relationship is not viable.  On the other hand, if you are willing to compromise, your future can be amazing.  

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