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What you can expect from a DUI in Mississippi

For many people, Friday Happy Hour is a way to unwind from a stressful week at work and usher in the weekend. Unfortunately, things can go terribly wrong if you get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. Imagine driving home from an evening out with your friends when a police officer pulls over. Just a short time later, you are in the back of a squad car and on your way to jail.

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) comes with very serious consequences. You could lose your license, have a hard time finding a job, and even have trouble renting an apartment. An experienced criminal defense attorney in the Gulf coast area can help defend you against DUI charges. Read further to find out more about DUI laws in Mississippi.

Alcohol programs

If the court convicts you of a DUI, you may have to participate in a Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program (MASEP). In order to regain your license after a conviction, you must pay for, attend and complete one of these courses.

Blood alcohol concentration

Some states hand down harsher punishments for intoxicated drivers that have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over a certain level. For example, a driver with a BAC twice the legal limit might be facing higher fines and more jail time in other states. Mississippi courts do not increase penalties for drivers that have a high BAC.

In Mississippi, the BAC limit is 0.08 percent for adults. Since Mississippi is a zero tolerance states, minors with a BAC of 0.02 percent of higher can receive a DUI charge.

DUI penalties

If the court convicts you of a DUI, you may lose your license for a minimum of 90 days for a first offense. If you receive a second conviction, you could be facing a two-year suspension. For a third offense, the court can suspend your license for up to five years.

In addition to the driver's license suspension, you will also have to attend mandatory alcohol education classes as mentioned above. Furthermore, the court may confiscate your vehicle and require you to have it fitted with an interlock device while you are on probation.

Representation can make a difference

A DUI charge can be a very complicated matter to handle. Since a conviction can come with some very serious consequences, you should consider seeking legal advice before stepping into the courtroom. An experienced attorney can help defend you against the charges.

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