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Why dads don't have to take a backseat

Whether you are the father to an infant or a teenager, you might be thinking that your child is better off with the mother calling the shots and you taking a backseat in parenthood. If you are no longer with the mother, you may think that you have no other choice but to back off and let her raise the child.

Family law matters still complex for LGBTQ community

While Mississippi's LGBTQ community celebrated the U.S. Supreme Court's decision making same-sex marriage legal in the state, it was only the beginning of legal complications for many couples, especially those who had already traveled to other states to tie the knot. The complications they face include:

What child custody rights do deployed military parents have in Mississippi?

Deployments, stateside assignments and sudden transfers can add a lot of uncertainty for military parents. Non-military parents may try to take advantage of the situation by demanding sole custody or asking for a custody modification.

The Dangers of Parental Alienation- the children are the collateral damage

Christmas and the holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy and love for our families. For children of divorce, this often means splitting the holiday period, and often even Christmas Day, between two parents. For parents who put their children's needs first, this is very workable and the children are allowed to enjoy "double dipping" on Santa Claus and Christmas gifts. Too often, however, parents are willing to hurt their children in order to strike a blow at the other parent. As a family law practitioner, I receive phone calls all holiday as various parents use the children as blunt weapons in a war against the other parent. Ultimately, the children are the ones who pay the price for their parents' poor choices.

Fathers and Custody in Mississippi

For years the law in Mississippi presumed that mothers were the preferred parent to raise children in the event of a divorce.  Mothers received benefit of the "tender years doctrine" which created a legal presumption in favor of mothers of young children.  The tender years doctrine is now a fond memory, replaced instead by the Albright factors, which includes, as one factor, the "age and sex of the child".